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senior care  What is Senior HousingTree?

Senior HousingTree is a nationwide database of elderly service providers designed to help seniors identify the most suitable senior living facilities and to connect with senior referral agencies and other service providers from the HousingTree network.

senior care  How does this service work?

We provide a unique service that offers placement assistance at NO COST TO SENIORS. Seniors can readily identify Senior Living facilities and request more information. Senior Referral Agencies in our network will contact them promptly and provide further assistance.

senior care  How often is the Assisted Living data updated?

Assiste Living information is updated frequently. We receive information directly from the assisted living administrators or authorized personnel.

senior care  How do Senior Care Providers enroll?

Assisted Living administrators or designated personnel can subscribe for FREE to our service. We offer guaranteed exposure in our network of senior referral agencies as well as Senior HousingTree website.

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senior care  How do Senior Referral Agencies enroll?

Senior Referral Agencies can subscribe to our high standard Senior Referral Management Software, the #1 Trusted Personalized Senior Placement Software. Our software helps agencies keep track of appointments and follow-ups, increase productivity and to better assist seniors in locating the most desirable Senior Living communities.

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